Disruption and change in the workplace are constant. Whether it’s adapting to new procedures, a change in organisational structure, or project setbacks, change is varied. How to be resilient and adapt to that change can be a challenging task.

Given the frequency and diversity of change, it’s easy to see why resilience and adaptability are highly sought after skills in the workplace. Nurturing these skills in the workplace leads to higher performing teams, engaged staff, and ultimately, staff retention.

Emotional resilience examines how easily someone returns to their regular emotional state after a period of increased stress or failure. Emotionally resilient employees will be able to manage their workloads more effectively and ultimately adapt to the change around them.

Here are a few ways you can work towards becoming more resilient and adaptable in the workplace.

Embrace the process

Why is it that some people thrive in the face of a challenge, whilst others buckle and withdraw into themselves? People who have a natural propensity towards adaptability tend to treat problems as a learning opportunity.

Problems present an opportunity to develop and master new skills. Take pleasure in the process and embrace the challenge whilst tackling it head-on.

Practice mindfulness

One of the keys to boosting adaptability and resilience in the workplace is to practice mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness is a mental state achieved by one’s awareness of the present moment.

By tapping into what you’re feeling here and now, without judgement, you’ll be able to look past any sticky points within a period of change and focus on what needs to be done to move forward.

Say no to drama

Labelling a situation a drama and talking about it negatively with colleagues only gives fuel to the fire. Calling something a drama makes it a drama. How we interpret and respond to an event plays an important role in our ability to handle the situation. Keep your head in the game and out of any unnecessary drama.

Find your tribe

Power in numbers, people. Developing good relationships at work is crucial. Social interaction and support can help you naturally build resilience and problem solve as a group. By nurturing and strengthening these bonds, we promote a valued work environment where people are inspired to work better and harder for the sake of the company.

Invest in mental health

Employers who encourage physical and mental well-being will see a boost in resilience amongst their team. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and a healthy mind has the ability to focus. Mental focus allows you to assess the task at hand, which is crucial when it comes to adapting to change.

Promoting physical activities in the workplace can be a great step towards a healthy and thriving team.

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