You may already have a CV, but we’re here to bring out the tips and tricks that will have your CV standing out from the rest. Below are the factors of which most companies here in NZ are looking for. The number one thing that most people get stuck in, is wanting to show care all of their skills and attributes in their CV. But less is more. Employers mainly want to know if you can actually do the job, and how. 

Your CV should include:

  • Relevant skills to the job
  • Any work experience that may support your application
  • Your contact information

Even if they don’t ask for it, have a cover letter ready!

Many businesses have the option to submit a cover letter, but if you can you should always submit one. This gives the employer an insight into your personality and your reasons for applying. Things to consider:

  • Match your experience, skills, and attributes to the job you are applying for.
  • Speak about what you can offer the employer on a personal and professional level.
  • Detail your reasons for applying
  • Don’t make it too long, about half a page is fine.

Examples are your best friend!

When listing your skills, don’t just skip past them. – Give brief examples of how you’ve used each skill. Employers will most likely go into further detail with you if you land the interview. 

Up to date CVs!

It may seem simple, but check all your contact details before you send your CV. Remember to include a phone number that you are around at all times. If you are supplying a cell phone make sure you have a professional voicemail message. Include an email address on your CV. If you don’t have an email address, set one up before you apply. 

Employers will ask for two referees who they can contact. Make sure that the contact details for your referees are current, and check this by contacting them yourself. Tell them what job you are applying for, they may be able to give you some advice. Character references and landlord reference, may be accepted if you are new to the workforce. However you should  also consider taking an entry-level job or doing voluntary work. These can also be a source of referees.

Click here for more information and a CV template

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks of the Trade:

LinkedIn is easily the largest and most professional job networking on the planet. It’s not only large but also highly effective in helping professionals in any industry get and stay connected. Whether or not you’re looking for a new job right this minute, one of the easiest things you should have is a LinkedIn profile. Here are some ways to make yours stand out.

Create an eye-catching headline

Your profile headline is the first bit of text that a potential employer sees when they click on your profile. You have 120 characters to work with, so think outside the box. Instead of just listing your job title, mention your specialty and how it could benefit your potential employer.

Have a professional headshot pattached. 

The most simplistic thing you can do to have your profile stand out is to upload a good quality headshot. Depending on what sort of employer or network you are trying to attract and build, be creative, but remember that this is the first impression people will get from your page. With the huge numbers of people on LinkedIn, those without a photo are easily pushed aside.

Highlight your experience

Just like a CV, you need to build your resume, however you can do better than simply cutting and pasting your resume onto your LinkedIn profile. Use a bit of creativity here, as you are not limited to the 2 page rule of a CV. When you list your skills and experience, make sure you add detail in first person and use action words to draw in people, you have a small window in which you want to captivate them.

Start making connections

It seems obvious, being a social networking platform, but many people get lost in the build of their profile that they forget to show off all that hard work. Having a lot of connections helps keep you visible to others, so by continuing to connect with like minded people and business in which you are interested in this keeps that door open.

Keep your page active

LinkedIn has grown to more than an online resume — it’s a networking social media site. Check out what other people are posting, engage them with thoughtful comments, in other words, just as active as you are on Facebook and Instagram, start adding LinkedIn to your daily checks.  Join one or two groups at first and grow and interact from there within that group.

So why should all this matter to you? LinkedIn is your chance to get your name and face in front of hundreds (or even thousands) of professionals in your industry. If you’re looking for a job, it’s the one of the most important things to have at the ready in this day and age. 

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