Supplying a well-designed, professional CV can really help to boost your job search as a job seeker. While it might not be as important as the content of your CV or nailing your job interview, a visually appealing CV will make your skills and experience shine in a sea of sameness.

We’ve rounded up 8 of the best professional CV templates to perfect your resume and boost your job search. Fully customisable with fonts, colours and formatting, these CV templates are easily downloadable and ready to roll.

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1. Basic professional CV template

simple professional cv template

Don’t let this basic CV template fool you. Sometimes, simple is best when it comes to your resume. Can your prospective employer quickly scan for your key skills and experience that relate to the role? Your CV is a powerful tool in your recruitment toolbelt. Keep it simple, stupid.

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2. Simple skill-based resume template

simple cv template word

This free CV template from Word is perfect for any industry. A great starter template for anyone looking to quickly professionalise their resume and highlight their relevant skills for the role. Employers and recruiters will appreciate the easy-to-read layout and in-depth work history section.

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3. Traditional accountant resume

traditional accountant resume

A sophisticated and classic layout, this traditional resume template features clean headings and clearly defined sections for easy readability. Created with Canva, this CV template is a conventional, no-fluff design and a great starting point for someone with little to no design experience.

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4. Minimalist resume template

minimalist cv template

De-clutter your CV with this free minimalist CV template by You wouldn’t appear scatter-brained in an interview, right? The same concept can be applied to your resume. This template is clean and simple and features icons and bold headings, with a slight pop of colour.

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5. Two-tone corporate resume

corporate resume template

Professionalism is key in this green and white corporate two-tone resume template from Canva. Customise it to suit you by changing the fonts or colours, or simply update the text with your personal details and experience. Simple and easy to use, and eye-catching for employers and recruitment agencies.

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6. Construction CV template

construction cv template

Looking to jazz up your otherwise dull construction CV? Use this free construction CV template from Canva. Fully customisable with fonts and colours, this easy-to-read resume design will have you standing out amongst the rest in your industry.

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7. Formal resume template

formal resume template

Looking to impress your prospective employer with a little bit more insight into your experience? This CV template is for you. Featuring large content blocks, you’ll have the chance to deep dive into your professional background with plenty of space to be creative. Plus, with its minimalist design, it’ll help you stand out in the pile.

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8. Simple creative resume template

simple creative cv template


For the more adventurous designer, suitable for more creative- or marketing-based roles, use this free simple resume template from Pixeden. Featuring simple graphics, this slick resume design allows you to give yourself percentage scores for various skills and achievements, ensuring your experience is quantifiable and stands out on the page.

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