We’ve all been there. You’ve worked your butt off, increased productivity, decreased expenditure, but your salary stays put. It can really sting to see your hard work go overlooked where it matters. But asking for a pay rise can be a real sticking point for many.

Feel like you’re worth more? Waiting for your boss to take the first step probably isn’t the right move. It’s about time you pulled up your socks and asked for a pay rise. Follow these four steps guaranteed to get you a one-way ticket to promotion-ville.

Find out where you stand

Before you go in guns blazing, find out how your current salary stacks up against the industry average. Do you have room to ask for more? Use our salary calculator tool to find out whether you’re earning above or below the average for your industry. Convincing your manager that you deserve a pay rise will be ten times easier if you have realistic expectations.

It may also a good idea to find out what your company’s policy is on pay rises. Speak to your HR department and ask to view a copy of the policy. This will set you in good stead to negotiate for a pay rise when the time comes.

Gather your evidence

If you want your request for a pay rise to be successful, you’re going to need some solid evidence to support your stance. Don’t go in whining about the cost of living, or blubbering about your urge for more overseas trips. You need to be specific about what you’ve done to deserve a pay rise with quantifiable evidence.

Ask yourself what you’ve achieved for the company over the past year, and use real figures and stats to present them. Have you consistently exceeded your sales targets? Are you directly responsible for an increase in productivity across the board? For every accomplishment you’ve achieved, list the benefits for the company. Now’s the time to sing your own praises from the rooftops.

Know how to negotiate

Go in optimistic, but be prepared for your manager to negotiate the value of your salary increase. Keep the reasons why you deserve a pay rise front of mind and back yourself until the end of the meeting. When it comes to negotiation, confidence is key. If your manager says no, can you agree on a timeframe and set some key goals to achieve a pay rise? There’s usually always room for negotiation.

Get in the zone

The time is now! Your career isn’t going to progress itself. It takes motivation, preparation, and cojones. Get pumped up about your career by listening to a career-boosting podcast. You might also like to read up on how to master difficult conversations in the workplace. This is likely to be a time where you’re at your most nervous. Preparation is key.

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