Several days ago a joint media release from Infrastructure New Zealand, Civil Contractors New Zealand, and Association of Consulting and Engineering New Zealand (you can read this here: caught my attention. I wanted to share a few thoughts and some of the key takeouts for me:

  • In talking with contractors recently they are definitely busy now catching up on lost time since lockdown; the situation creating somewhat of a mini boom.
  • There’s still uncertainty around what’s going to happen in 6-12 months, while they wait for these projects to be released (present government confirmed ‘shovel ready’ projects:
  • The more information contractors and suppliers have on these upcoming projects, the more confidence there will be to employ new people and invest in training
  • There’s a catch 22 for employers between making redundancies and holding on to experienced talent 
  • A slight shift towards more flexibility for employers through fixed term contracts and casual/agency staff to manage current workload

For anyone who is uncertain about their role, or who is requiring extra skilled resource and is unsure how to go about it, give us a call to discuss any potential solutions.

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Blog post by Ollie Niessen | Senior Consultant

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