As of Thursday 14th April New Zealand is officially on alert level 2 for Covid-19, and with that positive step, more jobs have become available with us as all businesses except schools and bars have been told to open their doors. Schools and bars will open the following week. There is a ruling in place for there to be no large group of more than 10 people for now while we are in level 2.

With all businesses now opening back up and opening to the public at this level, we expect a huge number of applications, so please continue reading to find out how to stay ahead. 

Similar to level 3, more and more trades and jobs will become available for you to apply for and we want you to be first in line. If you have a specific trade or job that you seek more information on, our customer support is here to help you with whatever you may need during this time.

Trades such as carpentry, project management, commercial managers, and more are currently on the lookout for temp and contract work and you can find all the information you need on the “All Jobs” tab.

Most operations will be able to have face to face contact, and we will see more opportunities coming our way to deliver you. So make sure you have all the things you need to apply, and if you have already applied and are awaiting a response, this may be the perfect time to contact us for a follow up so we can check the status of your applications. 

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Alert Level 2

Ready to advance your career? We’ve got you! Whether your niche is in construction, property, office, or any of the other operations we have,  – if you’ve got the skills, we’ve got the opportunities!

At alert level 2 businesses can have interviews on their premises if they can meet public health requirements. This means businesses should:

• Have a contact tracing system in place to record everyone who you interact with on your premises.
• Maintain physical distancing of 1 meter between groups of customers.

And Ardern indicated today the wage subsidy scheme would be extended for some sectors after the 12-week period expires.<
Most businesses by now should have a plan to execute safely and securely for when they are looking to hire, so any questions you may have, a business should be able to give you an answer related to level 2 and the guidelines.

As mentioned earlier level 2 should be the start of the normal routine for our country which includes many businesses opening up the hiring and interviewing for many of our listed jobs, for face to face contact. In this level, there will be more than the normal amount of applications coming through, so it’s important to do your research now, and get in touch with us so we have all your information so that when the right job comes up you are at the top of our list.

We Need Temp, Contract & Permanent Staff!

We are looking for 🔨Carpenters, 🔨Foreman, 🔨Health and Safety Advisor, 🔨Project Managers, 🔨Site Managers, 🔨Quantity Surveyors, 🔨Construction Managers, 🔨Commercial Managers. Please get in contact with us if you are available and looking for work! Get in contact & sign up here – Job Hunters

Our team is here to help! Even if you just want someone to talk to about uncertainties in the current environment or you need advice give us a call and we can help 09 551 6477.

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