Migrant workforce: Our process

Franklin Smith specialises in providing skilled migrant workforce solutions across New Zealand.


Supported by our in-house Immigration Advisor, we do the heavy lifting and continuously stay informed on current immigration updates and policies, allowing you to stay worry-free.

We fundamentally believe if our workers are happy, at ease, and feel supported outside of work, it positively influences their performance on site—an aspect we take great pride in. Our goal is to send out happy, comfortable, and well-prepared workers, allowing them to focus solely on the tasks at hand.

Point of difference

Comprehensive Pastoral Care: What sets Franklin Smith apart is an unwavering commitment to pastoral care. In combination with multiple dedicated Filipino employees our team offers round-the-clock support, ensuring our employees have a strong support system.

End-to-End Onboarding: We go above and beyond with our onboarding process. From the moment new arrivals step off the plane until their first pay cheque we provide hands-on assistance, guaranteeing they have everything required to start a new life in New Zealand.

Exceptional Accommodation: With numerous houses located across the country, we are proud to offer individual rooms to each employee. Our commitment to quality accommodation ensures personal comfort and privacy while being affordable.

High-Quality Tools and PPE: We stand out by investing in top-notch, durable tools and PPE for our candidates, underlining our dedication to their safety and performance.

A tried and true method

Our process

Job brief & international recruitment
Our international recruitment process begins by carefully selecting specialist agencies in the Philippines.

The initial stage involves conducting online interviews with hundreds of skilled trades workers to evaluate their English proficiency and work experience. Only the best candidates proceed to the next round of interviews. We base these interviews on detailed job briefs from our clients, to ensure a deep understanding of the necessary skills required for the role.

In-person interviews & trade testing
After several months of online interviewing, we head overseas for in-person interviews and trade testing

Meeting candidates face-to-face and subjecting them to trade tests is essential to ensure that their skills meet New Zealand’s high standards. We encourage clients to accompany us on these trips to the Philippines. We welcome their active participation in the interview process and provide the ability for them to choose candidates for their own specific projects.

Visa processing
Once candidates have been selected we process their visas with the help of our in-house Immigration Advisor, Steven Xu.
Arrival & life in New Zealand
Upon approval of the visas, we arrange flights to New Zealand and warmly welcome new recruits at the airport.
We have already made housing arrangements to provide them with a comfortable place to live. We assist them in obtaining their IRD number, setting up a bank account, and acquiring all the essential household items to ensure a smooth transition to life in New Zealand.
PPE, Tools & Training
Finally, we equip them with top-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools and ensure they obtain the necessary safety certificates and specialist tickets, preparing them for their upcoming start date.


Steven Xu

Immigration Advisor


I migrated to New Zealand in 2001, so with personal experience of the immigration process I believe this helps me understand how challenging and frustrating it can be. I have been in the immigration industry for 15 years, which has helped me develop a profound understanding of immigration laws and policies in New Zealand. I have learnt the intricacies, challenges, and rewards associated with immigration, ensuring that you receive accurate advice tailored to you and your family. In my spare time, I enjoy recharging myself by visiting beaches, playing PC/video games, having backyard BBQs and drinks with family and friends, or enjoying a movie night.