Finding a job can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Scrolling through job boards and sending out your CV is a tedious exercise, particularly if you’ve been at it for several months. But what if we told you someone could do it for you?

Many people don’t know how to use a recruitment agency for a job search. The right recruiter has the ability to seriously impact your career for the better. Our recruitment consultants are equipped with a wealth of recruitment knowledge to get your job search off to the right start.

Read on for how to utilise a recruitment agency in a job search and land your dream role.

What is a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies, also known as employment agencies or job agencies, search for a role on your behalf. They take your CV and get it in front of the right employer, matching you up with the best role for your experience and skillset. Recruitment consultants have an advantage over the traditional job search because they can tap into their vast network of contacts. They also know a thing or two about what’s happening in your industry and can shed necessary light on the goings-on in the market.

How do recruitment agencies work?

Think of your recruitment consultant as a powerful notch in your job search toolbelt. Your recruitment partner in crime, so to speak. A good recruiter will back you until they find you find a role, sometimes taking as little as a week to get you working.

After submitting your CV, recruiters will contact you for an initial face-to-face interview. This is a chance for you to dive deep into your skills and experience, as well as your motivations and career aspirations. It’s also a chance for the recruiter to understand how you would fit into the culture of an organisation.

Once they’ve matched you with an employer, they’ll tee up an interview for you. They might even provide interview coaching or tidy up your CV. After the interview, they’ll follow up with the employer on your behalf.

How to make the most of a recruitment agency

Firstly, you’re going to want to find a good one. Spend some time connecting with a few recruiters so that you can be sure they have the right industry knowledge to help you smash your career goals. Ask your friends for recruiter recommendations, and make sure to pick one and stick with them. You’d hate to have two recruiters submitting you for the same role.

Working with a recruiter requires solid rapport and respect. Remember, recruitment is a two-way street, so it pays to remain professional and punctual. Try to be flexible with interview times, and stay true to your word. This will help build a strong relationship with your recruiter, getting you to the top of the pile.

Before your first meeting, identify the key attributes of the role you’re looking for and what type of company culture you’d work best in. Be honest with your recruiter and make sure to ask lots of questions. Recruiters are equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge to assist you in your quest for employment. Utilise it.

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