Standing out in the architecture industry in New Zealand might be difficult, according to Unless you’re a Geospatial Specialist or Surveyor, it’s likely your role isn’t in critical shortage in New Zealand. That being said, job opportunities are good if you have more than five years industry experience, but for new architecture graduates and architects with less experience, the chances of landing a job offer are average at best.

But fear not! There are ways of helping your architecture CV stand out amongst the masses. Read on for our top tips on how to stand out in the architecture industry.

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The ability to imagine and visualise complex building designs is critical to the success of any architect. Architectural visualisation is defined as the ability to see a design before it has been built. Without this key skill, it will be difficult to stand out in the industry. There might be a host of advanced 3D design software and modelling tools to assist you in the process, but artists tools are only as good as their masters.

Demonstrate varied experience

As a job seeker, it’s advised to gain as much exposure across the sector as possible. This means working across both commercial and residential, as well as the multi-unit residential space where there is currently a high demand. Pigeonholing yourself will only limit your chances of landing a job offer. It’s also advisable to upskill in Revit software, as this is often a pre-requisite for architecture roles in New Zealand.

Flex your soft skills

Working in the architecture industry requires good communication, organisation and problem-solving skills. It’s important for architects to have a collaborative approach, whilst maintaining an assertion with clients on any issues that should arise. Strong presentation and negotiation skills shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should the ability to explain complex ideas in a simple way. Don’t overlook your soft skills when applying for a job, and make sure to let them shine during the interview process.

Network, network, network

Networking is crucial for architects who want to make it big in the industry. Partners are made partners not only for their great work but for their ability to bring on big clients. Not only should you plan to network within your firm to strengthen your relationship with your colleagues, but you should look to network within the industry. Networking within the architecture industry can help you land a new client, share knowledge and improve your skills, and land your next big role. Seek out networking events in your area for architects and put yourself out there!


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