In the time it takes you to commute to work, you could learn how to bag your next promotion, reinvent your career, or nurture that side hustle. Listening to career-boosting podcasts is a great way to improve your career, smash your goals and be the best version of yourself. So plug in some headphones, download our recommendations, and chase your dream job!

1. How I Built This With Guy Raz

One for all the side-hustlers! From heartwrenching failures to miraculous good luck, Guy Raz shines a light on the stories behind some of the worlds biggest brands, from Instagram to AirBnB. Deeply touching and outrageously insightful.

Featured episode: Lonely Planet: Maureen & Tony Wheeler

2. Ctrl Alt Delete

Voted one of the ’30 best podcasts for curious minds’ by WIRED magazine, this hidden gem explores creativity, work, wellbeing, the internet, social media, feminism, identity, mental health, careers and everything in between. Host Emma Gaddon is thought-provoking, honest and downright brilliant.

Featured episode: The Myth Of Shiny Success

3. Safe For Work

You spend 5 days out of 7 at work. Make them joyous (or at least tolerable). Hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano dish out expert advice like how to deal with tricky coworkers, make meetings count, and find balance in your career. Many of us spend more time with our coworkers than our friends and family — it’s worth making that time matter.

Featured episode: How To Deal With Friction In The Workplace

4. The Mindset & Motivation Podcast

One of the top-rated motivational podcasts in the world today, this podcast offers bit-sized motivational nuggets presented by Rob Dial. Short, to the point, with no BS, this podcast serves up little life lessons that translate into big life transformations. Rob’s mission statement is: To Make it Your Mission to make Someone Else’s Day Better. If you only have 10 minutes for a quick pre-work pep talk, this podcast is for you!

Featured episode: How to Master Public Speaking

5. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

Rated the #1 health podcast in the world right now, Jay Shetty’s podcast dives deep into personal growth and self-development. Featuring riveting conversations with insightful guest speakers, this podcast covers everything from boosting your energy before work to tackling negative self-talk. Jay’s purpose is to make wisdom go viral, and a touch of wisdom can go a long way in the workplace.

Featured episode: Ray Dalio: ON How To Define Success For Yourself And Set Your Goals

6. The School Of Greatness

Keen to step inside the minds of some of the world’s most brilliant business minds and world-class athletes? New York Times bestselling author Lewis Howes finds out what makes great people great in this chart-topping podcast. A catalyst for reflection, wisdom and action.

Featured episode: What It Takes To Be A Champion


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