There’s hardly been a better time to look for construction jobs in New Zealand. Driven by massive population growth in the area, the Auckland construction boom has seen a sharp increase in the demand for construction workers, with over 50,000 workers required by 2022 to keep up with the increased demand.

But what does this mean for you, and how can you take advantage of it? Whether you’re at the senior, experienced end of the spectrum or an eager recruit, a demand in talent means increased opportunities for employment and career progression.

Here we take a look at the current state of the market and what it means for your career.

Skills in demand

A good place to start is with the current list of construction skills in high demand. Every area of construction is experiencing a skills shortage in Auckland, from labourers to quantity surveyors. The Immigration New Zealand skill shortage list states the following construction jobs as being in high demand, effective 27 May 2019:

  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Leading Hand
  • Construction Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Estimator
  • Trade qualified carpenter
  • Project Manager
  • Foreman

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More opportunities for career progression

With a significant amount of construction jobs in high demand, senior staff are prized. But it’s also good news for less experienced staff. People at a junior or intermediate level are progressing through their careers at a much quicker pace thanks to the effects of the boom. The increased demand on-site means they’ve been tasked with a greater amount of responsibility than they may have been given in the past.

This means a significant amount of juniors and intermediates are taking on roles which were previously awarded to someone with 20+ years experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing. The pressures and demands of the roles are the same, meaning you’ll have to meet the demands and expectations of those roles, but with less experience under your belt.

Understanding your worth

Is your skill listed as being in high demand? Great! You’re ready to start taking advantage of the Auckland construction boom. The next step is to identify a construction recruitment expert who can help you to identify your next move. Are you being paid above or below the current market rate? The market may be booming, but it’s volatile. It’s important to have a good recruiter by your side to work out which construction company has the best long term prospects.

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